Are you looking to build a new house? Or do you want to  make changes to the building you are in now?

Do you want a space that is a delight  to live, work and play in?

Over many years, I have developed the skills to help you  achieve your dream space. Clean lines,  an eye for detail, and a personal touch are my trademarks. 

You can rely on me to use my extensive professional  experience to lead the whole process for you – from the initial design  study, through the building application, to detailed technical drawings, support  during tender and finally inspections on site.  I work closely with you each step of the  way to ensure your ambitions are realised, and your  financial aims met.  I am happy to work with you in person, and also to use digital technologies, e.g. a shared screen in Skype, to walk through a 3D model together with you.  

Ultimately the building is made-to-measure for you. It is a  uniquely individual and personal environment – the space that together we create.

Please do get in touch with any questions you may  have.

I look forward to working with you!


Client appraisal:

Both the projects Christina worked with me on suffered significant disruption from external factors, including neighbours’ activities building an extension that competed with our works,  Gemeente requirements that went far beyond expectations/reasonableness. 

Christina was hugely supportive and patient with every unexpected challenge that came along and remained focussed on the end objective.  She was very well organised and persistently kept pushing others until answers came, there was never an occasion I needed to chase her.  (If only I could say that about many of the other contributors to my works!)  

She was proactive and inventive in seeking alternatives and different ways to persuade the various other parties to align and enable the projects to move on. 

She showed great flexibility in working at times that suited me, as my availability is poor during the working week; emails and calls could be held in evenings and weekends when it really wasn’t possible during the day.  I think she put a great deal of personal time in antisocial hours moving my works along. 

Her documentation of time and billing was meticulous and also very generous, logging by the minute/five minutes where I can imaging others would round up to the quarter or half hour.  She went above and beyond with the planting scheme, which was not a part of the job expected from her, but delivered great input to this as it is something she enjoys. 

Overall, Christina was both very professional and very pleasant to work with.  I had no hesitation approaching her for the second project, as I had high esteem for her work on the first. 

written by Julie, Amsterdam, December 2016