luchtfoto salt lake w christinafuchs.nlStill some of my favourite photographs: taken from an airplane. This image taken somewhere above the US, I gather somewhere near Salt Lake City. And why does it resonate with me?

I love the contrast of nature and man made structrues – the town grid, airport, straight roadways accentuating the meandering river, the flat plain and the rigrously folded mountains covered in snow with their shadows make for a natural black and white photo.

luchtfoto dakota w christinafuchs.nlThe subtle colours in this shot – somewhere above Dakota I reckon- accentuate the graphic pattern that comes from the subdivision of the fields. The underlying unevenness of the ground makes for a fascinating layering of perception. As in the previous photograph the contrast between the natural underground and the rectalinear agricultural pattern touch my sense of complex beauty. Still this complexity results in a calm and deeply satisfying image – to me at least – where I happily search for more layers of perception.

luchtfoto groenland w christinafuchs.nlThe spiky peaks of these Greenland mountains and their sharp shadows make me wonder – how high are these mountains, what is hidden beneath this blanket of snow? How far to the next inhabited area? What is there in terms of life and nature in this region?